At Midlands International College, we are committed to providing you with a rewarding, high-quality education. Every programme begins with a formal week-long induction programme to familiarise you with your study environment and to help you understand both what your chosen programme objectives are and what is expected from you as a student.


Tutorial Support 
If you ever find your studies over-bearing or simply feel you need a bit of extra help, our tutorial support is at hand at no extra cost, and we are there for you 100%. You will be able to participate in individual meetings with teachers and support staff who are there to help you stay on track with your studies.


Interactive Learning Centre and Library 
Apart from our well-equipped classrooms we also boast a modern interactive learning centre and an outsourced library to aid you with research projects and study at all levels. These facilities are there to help you to develop your research and to advance your study skills so that you can achieve the very best from your studies.

Virtual Learning Environment 
All teaching materials and notes are made available in the web-based student portal in a timely manner and you have plenty of opportunities and sessions to communicate with teachers online.  Additionally, you can also check your study progress as well as receiving your tutor's monthly feedbacks from this interactive learning portal. 

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