We can organize accommodation for arriving students.

Students can stay for any duration they wish. Some students choose to stay for a short period until they find their own accommodation.

When you arrive at Midlands International College , you will also find notices displayed around the College providing information about properties to rent. The ‘Evening Herald ‘newspaper also has information on accommodation available to rent.

You can also display your own notice on The Student Notice Board if you would like to find other students to share accommodation with. The student care team would also be happy to help in this regard.

Types of accommodation:

  • Host Family
  • Student Accommodation

Airport Transfer

At a student’s request, we will be happy to arrange an airport pick-up service. To avail of this service the student is advised to contact the Student Welfare Office directly giving details of their flight number and estimated time of arrival at London/Birmingham airport at least three days prior to their arrival.

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