We offer a range of Postgraduate courses for the following directions

Business and Management (Click for more details)

The course give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for employment. The qualifications also provide career development opportunities for those already in work. The Level 7 Diploma is particularly useful for learners who wish to progress to an MBA or other MSc programme

Hospitality and Tourism Management (Click for more details)
The term Travel & Tourism covers a wide range of employment opportunities both in the UK and abroad in an industry that is growing fast. A key progression path for learners is to the final year of Master Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management.

Healthcare Management (Click for more details)

These qualifications provide generic management skills for those planning to or working in the healthcare sector with the addition of units that are specifically targeted at those working in the public sector. The qualifications deliver the skills and knowledge that meet the needs of managers in different sectors on a domestic and international platform. A key progression path for learners is to an MBA programme and claim exemptions for some of the units completed.

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